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"Thank you so much. It’s not just the software, but the people behind it as well who make this such a good package to be on."
Peter Wood 16/06/2020
"Overall the software is excellent. Logging some of my old records has been so easy to do manually I haven’t bothered with Cut+paste. I’ll happily recommend the whole package to anyone I come across on the various radar/sbs forums. I’m sure you are aware, but there has been quite a bit of discussion about how people can keep their Basestation.sqb up to date following the end of Active Display and the demise of GAS. Your software gives the option of auto-populate or manual updating using the excellent database as a resource."
Nigel Richardson (UK) 09/04/2020
"I had my seen details converted from Planebase Just a few words on ADU software. After having my seen details converted from Planebase I’ve been using the software for approximately 3 months now. The ADU mobile app integration programme is excellent and the best piece of kit to come out for a long time is the ADU have I seen it. The program it’s fast on its search facility if reporting facilities our excellent the level of detail is also excellent a well-informed kept up to date database. I normally don’t leave comments however this program deserves recognition for any of you out there who spend time reading these comments. Take it from me this is an excellent program and you won’t be disappointed the support level is also excellent from Steve and Sue, I’d also like to thank the editorial team for keeping the information up to date. With the variety of so many different databases out there. ADU software as far as I’m concerned is number one miles ahead of the competition."
Nigel (USA) 23/08/2019
"I had my logs converted from Aviation Database, a great mobile app and nice SBS link program easy to use. ADU Have I Seen It is a brilliant addition. I am very happy to promote the excellent product. Thank you for all the hard work you have done on developing this great product and a message of thanks to all up-daters. Cheers"
Robert (London) 12/08/2019
"ADU Software Program I came from PlaneBase had my logs Converted ADU is so much better it knocks spots off Planebase A nice SBS link program easy to use and a great mobile app ADU Have I Seen It. My own private radar screen (which gives me notification if i need the aircraft as a frame, registration or if you have seen the aircraft before.) I am very happy to promote the excellent product"
Andrew 27/03/2019
"ADU Have I Seen It. Thanks for your help. ADU Have I Seen It is a brilliant addition to support ADU Software Program, I am like a kid with a new toy, using it all day."
Derrick H 23/03/2019
"I am very impressed with the software!! Miles better than any of the competitors!! e.g. ADQ who I am with at the moment and wont be renewing with this year!! Keep up the good work."
Paul 06/03/2019
"Love ADU Have I Seen It, Hong Kong recently where I used ADU Have I Seen all the time we were there and was very impressed, as I have been wherever I am! Don’t think there was an arrival that wasn’t on the list, and pretty accurate on timings as well."
Chris S 24/02/2019