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Software SBS Utility : Who is it for? – ADU users who have a Kinetic BaseStation and would like to populate SBS information. What does it do? –  Populates information into the SBS SQB file which then generates information to display on the radar screen. What information? – Registrations, Aircraft Types, ICAO type codes, Construction numbers, Manufacturer,  Operators, Operator Flag Codes, Aircraft personal sightings & Interested Reference to aircraft required. Frame and Reg required notification.

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  1. Dave Skoberne

    “Much of my aircraft spotting is done from home which is located around 7 miles from Manchester Airport. I am also an avid OTT spotter and run a local overflight spotting group. The ADU SBS Utility provides me instantly with all the info I need. As I look at the screen on my home PC, every aircraft plotting its position has a ‘need’ or ‘seen’ label attached to it. This facility has saved me an enormous amount of time checking through the database for which aircraft are of interest to me personally. At the end of each day, the Utility program allows me to produce a complete list of all the aircraft my SBS box has picked up. The long list is copied and pasted onto an email that I then post to my OTT group. The information includes, Times, Aircraft registration, Aircraft type, Serial number, Owner, Flight Numbers and Squawk codes. Using the ADU SBS Utility, the days list takes just a few seconds to produce. I also have the ADU SBS Utility on my laptop. This is absolutely superb when travelling away from home. Everything is updated at the press of a couple of buttons while you relax and enjoy the hobby.”

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