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Important Information – Changes to data regulations

Data regulations are changing, we’ll keep treating your data responsibly.

Although there’s a change coming up in data regulations, our commitment to protecting your data will never change.

Your information: what, why and where we use it

We collect information when you use our products and services. That information can include, for example, your contact details, how you’re using our services, your location.

We mostly use your data to manage your subscriptions & deliver products and services relevant to you. We also use your data to improve our products and services and to develop new ones and to help us run & develop our business. The law also requires us to keep some information in order to comply with some legal obligations.

The type of information we have

The information we have about you includes things like who you are, how you use your ADU Software products and services, where you use our Service.

Who you are includes:

  • Your name, address, email address, telephone number.
  • Your interests and preferences when it comes to our services

How & where you use your ADU Software products & Services includes:

  • Your location when downloading or using our products of services
  • Your usage of any mobile applications

We do not retain any of your payments details at any time and all payment details provided to us are securely destroyed after processing in a timely manner.

Your marketing preferences
If you’ve chosen to receive information/marketing messages from us, we’ll use your data to bring you updates of any new products or services and also send you notification of impending renewal of subscriptions and payment invoices.

Your data and third parties
We won’t share your data with any third parties for marketing purposes.

We promise that we’ll always make sure your data is managed responsibly.

Your rights
You have some important rights that determine how and whether we use your data. For example, you can decide you don’t want to be sent marketing messages and you’re entitled to receive a copy of your data. If you do not want us to contact you about our new products & services, events and subscription reminders then please email and we will ensure you do not receive any emails in this regard.