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ADU Software, business registered in Nov 2002, is owned and managed by a dedicated team of Aviation enthusiasts.

In order to ensure that potential customers have a full understanding of what the ADU software product has to offer, numerous seminars are held throughout the country,  throughout the year.

The ADU technical support line is open 7 days a week to answer all questions or enquiries as well as assist with any technical support matters our users may have. We do not expect you to just rely on email support, we are available by telephone, email, live chat & social media. We strive to provide individualised customer service for each of our customers, regardless of how many customers we have.

Private demonstrations at the ADU Headquarters based in Sale, Manchester, England, may be arranged on  request.


ADU Software operates under the policy where the data belongs to each individual user with no encryptions or lock out.

The database will remain fully functional regardless of whether a subscription to updates is chosen. ADU Software offers  free unlimited technical support via email to all registered users. Remote Access Resolution is also available – prices start from £20.00 .

Technical Support is not governed to advice relating to ADU Software Products but to any computer related enquiry. We will endeavor to assist with any technical support needed concerning your own PC. We have over 20 years of IT Technical Support so can help with many pc related problems. One of the reasons for our success is because we listen to you and value your ideas and contributions in order to provide a first class aviation software package beneficial to all users.



ADU Software Technologies UK & Have I Seen It have joined forces to bring you a new unique application giving you Airport Arrivals which gives you notification of if you need the aircraft as a frame, registration or if you have seen the aircraft and also an Aircraft Radar plotting the aircraft within the location you select again detailing if the aircraft is required or not required.

Whilst we appreciate there are several flight radar applications available, none of them are able to incorporate your own personal seen details advising you when an aircraft has been seen or if it is required.

This application will only work if you have the ADU database and the ADU App sync utility (the mobile app is not required for those who do not have smart phones or a mobile device capable of handling our mobile app)